"Jumping for joy": BC work trip leads to major lottery prize for Edmonton couple

Sep 6 2023, 10:10 pm

An Edmonton couple on a work trip got the lotto surprise of a lifetime and ended up heading back with a much heavier wallet than they arrived with, which is uncommon for people going to Alberta from BC.

Tracey and Wesley Shemonichek were the lucky couple on a work trip to Houston, BC.

They’re returning home as millionaires, winning a $1 million prize from the Lotto 6/49 draw on Saturday, August 26.

Wesley had purchased a ticket at an Esso on Highway 16 while in town for work. He was with a colleague when he decided to pull in at 7-Eleven to determine if he was lucky.

“I scanned it with the retailer and initially thought it was $100,000, so I told my co-worker, and then he looked at it and shouted, ‘No, you just won a million dollars,'” Wesley told BCLC.

He then took a photo of the lotto ticket and texted it to Tracy, who had just arrived home in Morinville, Edmonton, after leaving BC.

Tracy was at a corn stand then and just started at the photo.

Once it sunk in what I was looking at, I started jumping for joy,” Tracy said.

She added that she couldn’t explain how she felt at that moment.

“It’s just fuzzy on the brain.”

The timing couldn’t be better for the Schemonicheks, who purchased a big piece of land and will put the Lotto money into building their new home.

“We can build a home with a big garden and chickens and make memories with our grandchildren,” Tracy added.

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