“Cannabis Christmas”: Canadian news anchor lands on Kimmel for dope reference (VIDEO)

Apr 21 2023, 8:11 pm

A BC news anchor found his way onto Jimmy Kimmel Live thanks to a 420 reference he made during a newscast.

Paul Haysom, the anchor with Global News in BC, was the first anchor featured in the Kimmel segment.

The tweet was shared yesterday, on 4/20, and Haysom’s reference involved him referring to the occasion as “cannabis Christmas.”

“It is cannabis Christmas for weed lovers,” Haysom says in the clip.

The segment was shared in a tweet by @JimmyKimmelLive.

“News anchors have been giggling and giddying it up all day! #Happy420” reads the tweet.

The Twitter video clip featured many funny references and puns related to 4/20 from newscasts from the US and Canada.

One reporter said, “To be blunt, it’s all about getting high today, right?”

Kimmel’s audience laughed as another anchor featured in the clip with Queen City News said, “We all know what today is on the calendar, so there’s no beating around the kush.”

Global BC’s Hayson acknowledged the tweet and thanked Kimmel for the shoutout.

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