A 98-year-old casually performed a record-breaking CN Tower EdgeWalk

Jun 9 2023, 4:45 pm

Bernice ‘Bunny’ Harrison of Angus, Ontario, is now officially the oldest person to ever brave the highest EdgeWalk experience in the world atop the CN Tower.

Harrison, 98, was joined by her more than a dozen grandkids and six great-grandchildren earlier this month, who cheered her on as she strapped into a harness and took the harrowing walk around the roof of the iconic tower’s pod from a dizzying height of 116 storeys.

The CN Tower’s social media accounts finally shared a video of the fearless nonagenarian taking on the city’s greatest thrill-seeker experience on Friday, and it might just be the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

The towering achievement was cheered on by fellow EdgeWalkers, and even celebrated with custom congratulatory cookies with messages of support for Bunny.

“So precious!! You can feel the love that family has for her,” reads one comment. Several others have responded with clapping emojis and other kind words acknowledging Harrison’s impressive feat.

EdgeWalking the CN Tower is becoming somewhat of a tradition for Harrison, who celebrated her 97th birthday atop the massive communications tower in April 2022.

That birthday milestone was itself a record-setter, meaning that Harrison is now not only the oldest person to ever perform the EdgeWalk, but also the second-oldest after breaking her own record.

Similar to skydiving and other thrill-seeker draws, EdgeWalk has become a popular spot to celebrate milestones like big birthdays, graduations, and other important events.

Tickets sell for between $199 and $225, a slight increase over what Harrison paid for her 97th birthday celebration in April 2022. Because, inflation.

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