#WhatAboutKaren: Angry CFL fans react to million dollar penalty

Jul 14 2017, 11:27 pm

Fans want answers after the debacle that occurred during a CFL game at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg on Thursday.

Karen Kuldys, a contestant in Safeway’s ‘Touchdown to Win’ contest during a game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, was robbed of a million dollars.

In order to win the prize, two kickoff returns for touchdowns needed to occur. The first one happened on the opening play of the game. The second occurred during the second quarter.

Except it didn’t.

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An official threw a flag just as Martese Jackson was crossing the goal line. A penalty was called to Toronto’s Llevi Noel for an illegal block, negating the touchdown.

But it was the wrong call.

A Winnipeg player fell in front of Noel, who did nothing wrong. Furthermore, the fall had no effect on the scoring play, as they were several yards behind the ball carrier.

Fans, as you can imagine, are PISSED.

They want justice for Karen, a Winnipeg grandmother. #WhatAboutKaren began trending on Twitter after TSN analyst Milt Stegall asked the question at halftime.

Bad calls happen in sports, everyone knows this. But still.

What about Karen?

This is…






Yes we did.

Aww man.


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