University of Calgary students competing in rocket-building contest

Apr 4 2018, 3:03 am

A group of students from the University of Calgary is working on a project that is out of this world.

Well, more realistically, around 30,000 feet off the surface of this world, not quite reaching the Karman line at 330,000 feet where the atmosphere actually becomes space… but we may be getting a bit too into the details here.

SOAR, a student-run rocket and balloon organization from the University of Calgary is building a high-flying rocket with plans to compete in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC).

The group has participated in the competition for the past two years, placing 22nd overall in 2016, and third in the 30,000 ft. category in 2017. They’ve since grown to 60 students all told, and are hoping to send one-third of that number to the 2018 event.

Of course, college students aren’t exactly known to be the most wealthy of demographics, and these engineering students are no exception.

The group has taken to to raise the $40,000 they’ve deemed necessary for all the proper parts, machining, and travel expenses for the competition.

“Our team is made up entirely of volunteers, so all of this money will be going towards the rocket,” the page reads.

“We need money for parts, specialized machining we cannot do ourselves, competition fees, and travel fare. We have upped our budget from previous years in order to send more team members than last year to competition. We want to give this unique opportunity to as many students as possible (around 20).”

The page includes a video introducing some of the key team members, explaining what the club is all about, and why it is important that they go to this competition.

According to the page, anyone who donates $20 or more will receive a rocket themed gift as thanks.

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