UCP denies that 10 board members have resigned from the party

Mar 19 2019, 4:51 pm

The United Conservative Party has released a statement denying that a significant portion of their board has resigned.

The denial comes in the wake of a release from ex-UCP member Aryan Sadat, who alleges that 10 board members for the Calgary North East UCP Constituency Association have resigned and rescinded their party membership.

“Upon consultation with my supporters, we have come to a conclusion: we are no longer a part of, and we no longer support the UCP party under Jason Kenney Leadership,” the release, which was published on Sadat’s Twitter account, read.

“We believe in an all-inclusive political party that will act in the best interest of Albertans.”

The UCP party issued a release shortly after Sadat’s denying that he spoke for the members, and suggested that his release was a result of him not being allowed to run as a UCP candidate in the provincial election.

“Mr. Sadat has no specific standing with the party or constituency association,” the release stated, shortly before explaining that Sadat had wanted a UCP nomination for the upcoming election, and how he was not eligible due to “his past well-publicized issues.”

The release also linked to a CBC article covering Sadat’s attempts at running for city council in 2017 and the “issues” that the UCP release noted, which included a drug possession charge in 2006 (which was pardoned in 2017) and a $115 fine for public intoxication in 2010.

“It’s clear he has not moved past this,” the release stated.

“As the executive director of the UCP Ms. Harrington’s personal attacks on myself as a spokesperson is clouding the real issues and concerns that need to be addressed,” Sadat wrote in a statement in response to the UCP’s release.

The UCP’s statement noted that they had not received individual resignations from the Calgary North East Constituency Association board members, though Sadat’s second release stated that he had received permission from the members to act as their spokesperson.

“On March 18, 2019, at 19:26, I sent an email with the names of all ten board of directors of Calgary NE UCP Constituency Association whom had resigned and appointed me as their spokesperson from [email protected] to Ms. Harrington at [email protected]

This isn’t the latest resignation that the UCP has seen this week, as candidate Caylan Ford, who had been vying for the Calgary – Mountain View seat, resigned on Monday after her alleged comments regarding white supremacists surfaced.

On Tuesday, Rachel Notley called the provincial election for April 16, giving all Alberta politicians just 28 days left to get those doors knocked, lawn signs up, and parties organized.

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