25 sweet treats you can eat at this year's Stampede (PHOTOS)

Jul 8 2017, 4:01 am

Have you taken a tasting tour of the Stampede Midway yet? It’s a sweet tooth’s paradise from end to end, packed with every kind of sugar bomb and treat imaginable. This year, it’s all about the cookie dough, bright colourful creations, cotton candy on everything, and those darn mini donuts.

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We’ve rounded up two dozen sweet treats you can find on the Midway, from the trendy to the traditional. Be warned: You’re going to see the words “deep fried” a lot. Like, A LOT.

1. Breakfast Balls

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2. Mini Donuts with Bacon and Maple

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3. Unicorn White Hot Chocolate

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4. Deep Fried Coffee with Salted Caramel

5. Cereal Monster Ice Cream Sandwich

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6. Raindrop Cake

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7. Mini Donuts

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8. Deep Fried Oreos

9. Deep Fried Coffee on an Iced Capp

10. Dole Whip

11. Mini Donut-chata

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12. Rolled Ice Cream

13. SnoCones

14. Maple Bacon Donut Burger

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15. Deep Fried Jell-O

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16. Cookie Dough-ne

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17. Waffle Taco

18. Ice Cream

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19. Deep Fried Cookie Dough

20. Cookie Dough

21. Deep Fried Mars Bar

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22. Funnel Cake

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23. Deep Fried Peanut Butter Cups

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24. Troll Pop

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25. Caramel Apple

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