9 ways to make the most of this sunny Calgary weather

May 17 2018, 11:33 pm

It can be hard to constantly come up with fresh ideas for things to do when the weather gets nice… and we’ll be seeing more and more days like that the closer we get to summer.

We want you to stop wracking your brain and start enjoying the sun, so we’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Calgary when the sun finally comes out!

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Check out Calgary’s Summer Block Party

  • What: This block party is a great place to catch some evening rays and chat up some strangers all while enjoying a cold beer, some tasty snacks by the Mill Street Brewpub, and other grub from restaurants in Calgary!
  • When: Tuesday, June 12
  • Time: 6 to 9 pm
  • Where: Mill Street Brewpub Calgary — 219 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
  • Tickets: Available online, $24

Bike on the night of a full moon

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  • What: Grab your bikes and head on out on an evening till dark bike ride around the city during a full moon. Meet other cyclists while enjoying your favourite hobby on a warm summer evening.
  • When: Whenever the full moon is out!
  • Time: Nighttime, probably
  • Where: 1325 1st Street SE, Calgary
  • Cost: Free

Hike Dinosaur Provincial Park

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  • What: Grab your gear and your friends and set off on an adventure through one of the trails at Dinosaur Provincial Park! There really is no better way to enjoy a sunny day than on a hike with some good company!
  • Where: Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
  • Price: Free

Go for a picnic with a scenic view

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  • What: Pack your favourite picnic foods and head out to Prince’s Island Park for a relaxing lunch on a park bench, or lounging on your favourite picnic blanket! Don’t forget your sunscreen in case you can’t find a spot under a tree.
  • Where: 698 Eau Claire Avenue SW, Calgary
  • Price: Free

Snap a picture at the Peace Bridge for the Gram

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  • What: You’d be missing out if you didn’t snap a picture of this bridge! It’s architectural structure and bright red colour make it such an appealing thing to photograph! So go for a walk, or bike ride, find the overpass, and take a photo with this must-gram bridge!
  • Where: Peace Bridge, Calgary
  • Price: Free

Stroll through Nose Hill Park

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  • What: If you’re a dog parent, this is the perfect place for some pooch-parent bonding. You may even meet some like-minded pups out and about who are more than willing to befriend both you and your best friend!
  • Where: Nose Hill Park, Calgary
  • Price: Free

Visit Stephen Avenue and purchase little souvenirs from your own city

  • What: Get your steps in while taking in some natural Vitamin D by window shopping (or actually shopping) at Calgary’s Stephen Avenue Mall. There are lots of stores to visit and vendors to check out if you want to purchase small bits of memorabilia to take home with you.
  • Where: Stephen Avenue — 8th Avenue SW, Calgary
  • Price: Free, if you window shop!

Find some vintage goods at the Inglewood Garage Sale

  • What: If you like searching for cool finds, maybe Inglewood’s 7th annual Parade of Garage Sales is for you! Spend your day outside rummaging through other peoples belongings to find a hidden treasure calling your name!
  • When: Saturday, May 26
  • Time: 9 am to 3 pm
  • Where: 1740 24th Avenue Southeast, Calgary
  • Price: Free (unless you find that hidden treasure you can’t say no to)

Get a Gram with the Wonderland Sculpture

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  • What: Spend your day walking through Calgary’s downtown, maybe grab some coffee, ice cream, and then head on a search for the Wonderland Sculpture that you simply need to snap a photo of.
  • Where: 110 6th Avenue SE, Calgary
  • Price: Free
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