This art show has 70+ pop culture characters talking on the phone

Sep 20 2017, 4:45 am

An artist in Calgary has painted over 60 phone-wielding characters for her exhibit Calling…

Heather Buchanan will be opening her exhibit on Friday, September 29 at The Uncommons, allowing people to gaze at the “60+ paintings of fake people on fake phones, calling nobody, but still somehow filled with meaning,” according to the event’s Facebook page.


Painting of Amelie by Heather Buchanan (Heather Buchanan)

Pop-culture buffs will have a time naming all the telecommunicating characters, and the exhibit will offer candy from the Gummi Boutique and Highline beer.

The exhibit is described as an exploration of meaning and meaninglessness.

“Using the vehicle of pop culture, Heather Buchanan obsessively investigates the telecommunicative space where isolation meets connection, and vapid frivolity meets personal significance. And also there’s just paintings of the X-Files and stuff.”


Painting of Ferris by Heather Buchanan (Heather Buchanan)

All of the paintings are done with watercolour, and all of the works feature a phone in some way or form.

The exhibit will run from Friday, September 29 to Thursday, October 26, and proceeds will go towards a local charity.

Calling… by Heather Buchanan

When: Friday, September 26 to Thursday, October 26, 2017

Time: 6 to 9 pm

Where: The Uncommons – 1325A 9th Avenue SE


Painting of Jerry and George by Heather Buchanan (Heather Buchanan)


Painting of Liz Lemon by Heather Buchanan (Heather Buchanan)


Painting of Geordie by Heather Buchanan (Heather Buchanan)


Painting of Audrey by Heather Buchanan (Heather Buchanan)

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