British investigation reveals Shein is actually MUCH WORSE than you thought (VIDEO)

Oct 20 2022, 8:20 pm

Most people know that Shein, the Chinese fast fashion brand you cannot escape if you use the internet, is terrible for the planet.

Now, a British investigation has confirmed that its suppliers have people working in sweatshop-like conditions with low wages and exploitative working hours.

In a recent episode of the Channel 4 docuseries Untold, host Iman Amani takes viewers through the experience of an undercover journalist who went to work at a Shein supplier factory in China. Shein does not own any of these manufacturing facilities, despite being today’s fastest-growing fashion brand.

Enter: the Shein machine.

Only known as “Mei,” the undercover journalist takes viewers behind the scenes in a factory. She uses a clandestine camera and mic to collect evidence of the inhumane treatment of workers, who are forced to toil away for up to 17 hours a day and undergo wage cuts if they make mistakes.

“There is no such thing as a Sunday here,” one worker can be heard saying in the documentary’s trailer.

With China’s dodgy labour laws, factories can get away with paying workers meagre wages for hard work, too.

One factory featured in the episode pays workers around ¥4,000 per month — that’s just over $750 Canadian. This allows the brand to price their items — often low quality — at very low costs.

Human rights advocates and climate change activists have been sounding the alarm on the brand for ages.

In the past, Shein’s clothes have tested positive for dangerous amounts of lead. Last year, Health Canada recalled a certain Shein dress made for toddlers for containing lead.

People have also found bug infestations in their packages.

@luciffersdaughter #disneyplusvoices @SHEIN please explain this because wtf ????? STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PACKAGE INFESTED #fyp #sheinbugs #helpme #SpotifyWrapped ♬ original sound – Luci 🖤

The brand has been accused of stealing designs from creators, particularly artists from marginalized communities.

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