Seth Rogen goes all in with response to NYT tweet on Canadian cuisine

Jul 5 2019, 7:44 pm

If you’re a fan of Kraft Dinner, poutine, Nanaimo bars and Caesars, you’re in good company.

Because Seth Rogen took to Twitter on Thursday to declare his love for the iconic Canadian foods.

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It started with Rogen quoting a tweet about Nanaimo bars from The New York Times, calling their headline that says the treat is from Canada “strange.”

He gets specific, noting that the sweet is from Nanaimo, and schools readers on where exactly in Canada that is.

His next tweet, closely following the first, quotes a tweet that shows images of a Caesar, Nanaimo bars, Kraft Dinner and Poutine with the caption “one’s gotta go.”

Rogen retorts, offering reasons why every single dish is integral to have as an option for biting into.

“Kraft Dinner raised me,” he wrote.

So if you’re keen to indulge in a big bowl of KD after work tonight, trust that Rogen would certainly support your decision.

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