Servus Credit Union creates a bank-themed escape room

Jul 26 2017, 11:56 pm

Albertans, get ready for the ultimate escape room experience.

But before you go, know that this isn’t your average setting. No, instead of escaping a room, this time you’ll be escaping a bank – seriously.

Community-based financial institution Servus Credit Union has partnered with The Locked Room to launch a mobile escape which resembles an old stodgy bank where you’ll get to enter in groups of four to six people.

This mobile unit is travelling the province from now until September 15 and you’ll find it at Movie in the Park on 43 Avenue, Calgary Bowness this Saturday, July 29.

Escape the Bank is part of a massive initiative launched by the member-owned financial institution, called Servus Summer. So far this summer, Servus has sponsored more than 90 events throughout Alberta from the Servus Heritage Festival in Edmonton to surprise and delight activities in cities throughout the province. And the concept behind these events is that Servus Credit Union wants you to enjoy the summer that you’ve been saving for.

How it works

Escape the Bank/Servus Credit Union

Once inside the bank, you’ll have to team up and use your brainpower to solve three unique puzzles based on financial fitness and the profit share program to advance through the trailer. Your team has 10 minutes or less to progress and eventually escape. The puzzles have been designed to provide lessons on and encourage smart investing decisions. So whether you know a lot or very little about profit sharing, you’ll leave the bank with information on what your profit share could be if you were a member of Servus Credit Union. You’ll also discover why it’s important to invest wisely with a respect for money.

Escape the Bank attendees will enter all number digits from the puzzles into the profit share calculator which will be an iPad app. As soon as all numbers are entered and the share number is calculated, that will be the code you have to punch into a keypad on the vault door to exit.

Where you’ll find it

Don’t sweat it if you can’t make it to the Escape the Bank challenge this weekend because it will be popping up in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge this summer. In Calgary alone, you’ll find the mobile escape room at the Crosslands Family Festival on August 26 and at the MLCA 60th Birthday Party and Outdoor Movie Night on September 15.

Why it’s taking place

Escape the Bank/Servus Credit Union

Servus Credit Union recognizes that escape rooms have risen in popularity over the last few years. And by setting up their very own Escape the Bank events, they’re challenging people to team up for an immersive experience and break out using brainpower to solve custom puzzles where they’ll learn financial tips along the way. You’ll find out what sets Servus Credit Union apart from other financial institutions and how becoming a member could benefit you.

Part of this is that the financial institution makes their members the focus of everything they do, which is what ultimately sets them apart from banks. They think about banks as square and safe but also stiff and inflexible. Banks are good places to keep your money but not necessarily places looking out for your best interests. The good news is that you can get honest advice that’s the best for you at Servus, plus you’ll get a say in how their business operates. Oh, and a share of the profits too.

You may not already know but Servus is actually Alberta’s biggest credit union with more than 100 locations in 59 communities. It dates back as far as 1938 and anyone can become a member. All you have to do is make a $1 investment to benefit from everything that a membership has to offer. The financial institution is committed to providing members with expert, tailored advice to make smart financial decisions.

For more information visit Servus Credit Union online or call 1-877-378-8728. To get the latest updates and to stay in the know, check out the financial institution on Facebook and Twitter.

Servus Credit Union mobile escape room

When: July 29, 9 pm to 12 am
Where: Movie in the Park, Calgary Bowness – 7904 – 43 Avenue NW

When: August 26, 11: 30 am to 4 pm
Where: The Crosslands Family Festival – 2411 Vermilion Sreet NE

When: September 15
Where: The MLCA 60th Birthday Party and Outdoor Movie Night – South Calgary Park, 3130, 16th Street SW