Scrollio: New rolled ice cream shop open on 17th Ave

May 26 2017, 5:32 pm

Can we talk about ice cream (again) now? Because a new rolled ice cream shop called Scrollio has been open for a few weeks, and they are making some seriously ‘gram worthy cold treats.

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This Thai-style dessert is one part science, one part magic, really. The liquid ice cream base is poured onto a freezing griddle, and moved around until every bit is icy cold. Once it blankets the griddle, a tool is used to push the ice cream into cylindrical rolls, which are then set in your cup.

When it comes to flavours and toppings you can find the expected and the unexpected at Scrollio. They’ve got you covered with basics like chocolate and vanilla, along with candies, jellies, sauces, fruit, and whipped cream, but they also have things like their Persian-inspired creation with rosewater and saffron, and vegan options, too.

You can choose from one of their in-house creations, or customize your own rolled ice cream.

Check out what they’ve been scooping…or rolling…so far:

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Scrollio Rolled Ice Cream

Address: 1107 17th Avenue SW

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