22 places to take your Tinder date in Calgary

Mar 21 2017, 8:44 pm

All jokes aside – Tinder is pretty legit. It may not be on Match.com’s level with success rates, but at least it gets straight to the point.

If you bulk up enough courage to ask someone out on Tinder (or if you have eventually given in to someone asking you out) the hardest part is really just choosing where to go and what to do.

Fortunately, for you, we have 22 ideas as to where you can take your Tinderella.

Stop For Coffee

  1. Vendome Cafe- Does your date have a thing for Europe? If so, this cafe is a great spot to check out. With a little touch of Europe, Vendome Cafe is a comforting and beautiful setting for a date. With live music and weekly specials – you’re set.
    • Address: 940 2 Avenue NW
  2. Deville Coffee Shop- Considered one of the best coffee shops in Calgary, Deville is a trendy and cool place to take your date. Make sure to head over between 3-6pm for some wine and cheese on special!
    • Address: 600 6 Avenue SW
    • Address: 807 1 Street SW
  3. Gravity Espresso Bar- This quaint little coffee shop in Inglewood is exactly what you’re looking for when you picture a perfect date in you head. With live music offered throughout the week, there’s never a dull moment at Gravity. Let the background music fill the occasional awkward moments on your date.
    • Address: 909 10 Street SE

 Get Some Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt

  1. Tutti Frutti- Getting some yogurt or ice cream is a great way to ease some of the tension of a first date. It’s quick, and it’s fun. Tutti Frutti is a great idea when grabbing something sweet because of all of the flavours and added toppings you can choose from. Maybe grab a large one to share.
    • Address: For all of the different Tutti Frutti locations, please click “Tutti Frutti” above.
  2. Village Ice Cream- Not just hip and trendy – but actually good! Take your date to the village of ice cream and try some unique flavours as you sit on the bench outside. (Make sure to snap a pic in front of the sign, too.)
    • Address: 431 10 Avenue SE
    • Address: 820 49 Avenue SW
    • Address: 2406 34 Avenue SW
  3. Made By Marcus- Arguably one of the absolute best ice cream shops in Calgary, Made By Marcus is perfect for you and your Tinder date. From ice cream-macaroon-sandwiches, to tubs of ice cream, to cups and cones – this place won’t disappoint. And hey, even if you’re date isn’t going too well… at least the ice cream is good.
    • Address: 1013 17 Avenue SW

 Grab a Drink (and some liquid courage)

  1. Home and Away- Although Friday and Saturday nights might be a bit too loud and crazy for a date, any other day of the week is just right. Home and Away is different from a regular bar because of its vintage sports-theme, which is only an added bonus. So, grab some beer and appetizers then head over to shoot hoops or play some akee-ball.
    • Address: 1331 17 Avenue SW
  2. Bar C- Not one of the more popular bars on 17th ave, sure. However, it’s perfect for two. There’s lots of seating and it’s simply gorgeous out on the patio. (If it ever gets warm enough to sit on it again.)
    • Address: 340 17 Avenue SW
  3. National- National can get pretty loud and crazy as well, so I would recommend going during the day – or even better, happy hour. With great food and good drink specials, you can never go wrong with National. If you go to the location on 10th, you can even bowl after some chit-chat! P.S., I highly recommend the caesars.
    • Address: 341 10 Avenue SW
    • Address: 550 17 Avenue SW
    • Address: 225 8 Avenue SW

Grab a Bite

  1. Cibo– Is pizza ever really a bad idea? At Cibo, the $5 pizza during happy hour and the tapas are where it’s at. No matter what, you should be able to find something to share that you both would like on the menu.
    • Address: 1012 17 Avenue SW
  2. Scopa- Step into Italy when you dine at Scopa. With really good drink specials every day of the week, you honestly can’t go wrong.
    • Address: 2220 Centre Street N
  3. Kinjo- Fast-paced and excellent sushi. Just what you’re looking for on a date. Order a bit to begin, then just keep adding on to your order when you decide on some other great dishes to try. I recommend the volcano rolls.
    • Address: 150 Millrise Blvd SW
    • Address: 7101 Macleod Trail SW
    • Address: 5005 Dalhousie Drive NW

 Get Busy

  1. Lloyd’s Roller Rink- Lloyd’s is a great way to have fun and let loose with your date. Although it can be pretty packed with children – dancing and skating around to some tunes is a pretty great way to get to know someone.
    • Address: 7520 Macleod Trail SE
  2. Century Bowling- Who doesn’t love bowling, am I right? Whether you use the bumpers or you don’t, bowling is a great ice breaker. So grab a hot dog and head out to the lanes, I hope you get a few strikes!
    • Address: 1010 42 Avenue SE
  3. Skating at Village Square Arena- Skating is another fun and even romantic activity that you can do with your date. And hey – this is Calgary. You can always head out to an outdoor rink if you’d prefer that as well.
    • Address: 2623 56 Street NE

 Do Something Different

  1. Pips Board Game Cafe- If your date wouldn’t mind going to a place with great food and boardgames, he/she/they is a keeper. (If not, scratch plans of a second date.) Pips is great because it’s only a $5 admission or game fee, and you can pretty much stay there all night as long as they don’t get too busy. Make sure to order the Strathcona Brownie to share!
    • Address: 2015 33 Avenue SW
  2. Paint Nite- Whether you’re a fantastic artist or a horrible artist is truly besides the point. The appeal of paint nite is to drink a little wine, and have some fun with your date.
    • Address: For all of the different Paint Nite locations, please click “Paint Nite” above.
  3. Trivia Night at Wurst- Trivia night’s are simply a hoot. If you and your date are into some of the same movies and/or tv shows, this date idea would be a great fit. From Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to Disney and Grey’s Anatomy, Wurst holds the best variety of Trivia nights.
    • Address: 2437 4 Street SW
  4. Escape Room- Although many people prefer to go in groups for this one, it works just fine for two people as well. Work together to see if you can get out of the room in time! Maybe this will tell you how compatible you are together.
    • Address: 2015 32 Avenue NE
    • Address: 9937 Fairmount Drive SE
    • Address: 5330 72 Avenue SE

 See a Show

  1. Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club or The Laugh Shop- Spending the night laughing is never a bad idea in my opinion. Yuk Yuk’s and The Laugh Shop have a pretty great track record for having some of the absolute funniest comedians preforming in Calgary. Maybe don’t sit in the front row though… you may get picked on.
    • Address: 218 18 Avenue SE
    • Address: 5940 Blackfoot Trail SE
  2. See a Play- Vertigo Theatre, Lunchbox Theatre, Theatre Calgary, etc. There really isn’t a shortage of (usually inexpensive) plays to see in Calgary at all times. Do some research and impress your date with a date night inspired by the arts.
    • Address: For a list of all of the theatre productions in Calgary and their locations, please click “See a Play” above.
  3. Cineplex Theatres or The Plaza Theatre Theatre- A little too nervous for your date? Why not spend it somewhere where you don’t have to talk too much! It won’t matter if the movie was good or bad, because you’ll at least have something to talk about afterwards.
    • Address: 1131 Kensington Road NW
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