Check out a Scare Wash in Calgary this Halloween

Oct 1 2020, 8:24 pm

Calgarians who are hoping for a good scare this Halloween will be able to do so from the safety of their own vehicles.

B!G ART has organized a Scare Wash for the spooky season, which will see participants enjoy a live, in-person, in-vehicle horror show — followed by a complimentary car wash, though just for the exterior of the vehicle.

“If you’re like us, you can’t handle any more ‘virtual’ experiences and you’re looking for the real deal, but covid-friendly (ya, that’s a phrase we use now). This 10 minute+ experience will take you to hell and back, in your car, and challenge the most strong-willed, horror-loving guests,” the event’s page states.

Tickets for the Scare Wash go for $49 per carload, and are available for Thursday, October 29, Friday, October 30, and Saturday, October 31 — though as of October 1 there are only tickets remaining for Halloween day.

The event also notes that $1 from every ticket goes towards the Calgary Food Bank, and donations of non-perishable foods are welcomed as well.

The Scare Wash will be located at the 10th and 10th car wash at 1104 10th Avenue SW. Participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes before their ticketed time.

The experience is so scary that it is not recommended for anyone under 14.

“This isn’t kitchy or cheesy, it’s disturbing,” The event website states.

You’ve been warned.

Calgary Scare Wash 2020

When: Thursday, October 29 to Saturday, October 31
Time: Varies by ticket
Where: 10th and 10th Car Wash — 1104 10th Avenue SW
Tickets: $49 per carload, available online

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