Retail/residential space with murals to add "new dimension" to Marda Loop

Apr 8 2021, 10:24 pm

Local real estate developer RNDSQR is known for their innovation and modern designs, and their latest public art-adorned project in Marda Loop is no exception.

Courtyard 33 will bring a mix of retail and residential units to the community, and it’s gearing up to be one of the trendiest buildings on the block.

The new space will have 63 residential units up for grabs, with three styles of homes that range from 500 to 965 square feet.

Marda Loop

Rendering of a CY33 unit (RNDSQR)

Designed for young professionals, small families, entrepreneurs, and empty-nesters, these open-concept offer something for every type of inner-city dweller.

Stop-skip corridors are being used to help maximize living areas. This strategy means that elevators only stop on every second floor, which cuts non-living areas in half and makes the most of residential space.

“We recognize that Marda Loop is a special and vibrant community that many Calgarians call home,” says RNDSQR on their website.

With that in mind, the company has built Courtyard 33 around a central courtyard, with businesses accessible from Marda Loop’s 33rd Avenue, in hopes of the complex becoming part of the community, instead of just a building in the neighbourhood.

RNDSQR is making public art a central focus of Courtyard 33, and Calgarians can expect to find large murals by local artists Katie Green and Cassie Suche in the building’s open space.

Marda Loop

Rendering of the CY33 building (RNDSQR)

The real estate developer says on their website that “Courtyard 33 is the most diverse development Marda Loop has to offer,” and we can’t wait to see the completion of this project.

Visit RNDSQR’s website to learn more about the building.

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