River Café: Calgary restaurant evacuates and closes due to rising river

Jun 13 2022, 10:58 pm

River Café, the award-winning and top-rated restaurant in Canada has made a difficult decision based on the weather.

With heavy rainfall and thunderstorms set to bring a prolonged and significant rainfall event will bring 75 to 125 mm of rain by Wednesday morning (Environment Canada); the popular restaurant isn’t waiting to see what happens.

As the river rises, including more rainfall in the mountains, River Cafe is making the decision to act now based on lessons learned from past floods.

“After two damaging floods we can’t just wait and see what happens, ” said Sal Howell, River Café proprietor, in a press release. “We have friends in the community who will help store our food and wine until the river has receded.”

The staff is now busy moving all of the perishable food and the extensive wine collection to a safe place.

river cafe

Courtesy of Bob Sumner

river cafe

Courtesy of Bob Sumner

Environment Canada has also stated that heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads and that “localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible.”

“Watch for possible washouts near rivers, creeks, and culverts.”

Stay tuned for more updates.

“The proactive approach is to mitigate any potential losses that a flood would cause,” read the press release. “Staff will evaluate as the week proceeds and react accordingly.”

River Cafe

Address: 25 Prince’s Island Park SW, Calgary


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