7 salads to try right now in Calgary

Jul 14 2017, 10:20 pm

Whether you love them or hate them, salads are necessary for a healthy diet.

It may not be the most exciting thing to eat, but in salad’s defence – there are some pretty incredible creations out there that are way more than just a sad combo of leaves and carrots, in fact, salads these days can get fancy AF.

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Check out these 7 seriously epic must-try salads in Calgary.

1. The Petal Pusher Salad from The Coup

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Address: 924 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @thecoupcalgary

2. Hummus Do You Love Me from Fork and Salad

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Address: 120, 880 16 Avenue SW
Instagram: @forkandsalad

3. Tomato Salad from Deane House

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Address: 806 9 Avenue SE
Instagram: @deanehouseyyc

4. Seared Scallop & Butter Lettuce Salad from Oxbow Restaurant

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Address: Kensington Riverside Inn – 1126 Memorial Drive NW

5. Caesar Salad with a Fried Egg from Ten Foot Henry

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Address: 1209 1 Street SW
Instagram: @tenfoothenry

6. Beet Salad from Alforno

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Address: 222 7 Street SW
Instagram: @alfornobakery

7. Kale Caesar from Una Pizza + Wine

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Address: 618 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @unacalgary

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