$8,000 raised in one day for Mikey's on 12th owner after tragic house fire

Jan 20 2021, 9:38 pm

The ongoing pandemic has brought extreme hardship to so many local business owners.

One of Calgary’s iconic music venues, Mikey’s on 12th, is no different, facing the same shutdown restrictions as so many other places like it. Tragically, only a few days into the new year, Mikey’s owner, Mike Clark, suffered a devastating fire through his home in Turner Valley.

The fire caused extensive damage to his home and sadly took the life of his cat, Isis.

A GoFundMe page was started to raise money to navigate the costly damages. A goal of $10,000 was set, and in just one day they raised over $8,000.

Despite the recent hardship, Clark’s incredible attitude that has served Calgary so well over the years has kept him hopeful that he can keep the doors open to Mikey’s. “Mikeys on 12th is well known for treating everyone like family, giving blooming artists a chance to showcase their music and seasoned performers to express their art,” read the GoFundMe page.

“For the countless times we’ve all found happiness, friendship and solstice at Mikey’s on 12th/ Mikey’s juke joint – now is our time to rally together and be there for the man that was there for us, there for the music, and there for his patrons/staff that he treats like his family,” their statement added.

In this time of need, people came together as a community to raise money and support Clark. With over 66 donations, they are still short of their goal.

“Please Kindly donate what you can to the Mike Clark family and/or share this GoFundMe page. Your support is appreciated so much, Calgary!”

You can make a donation to the Mike Clark Family Fundraiser here.

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