Beer baroness to judge the 2017 Calgary Stampede Parade

Jun 29 2017, 7:12 pm

Clues: She’s from Calgary, started a family beer business and you may have seen her on CBC’s Dragons Den.

The Calgary Stampede has announced today that Manjit Minhas will be Calgary’s Celebrity Judge the 2017 Stampede Parade.

In her role she will select the entry that, in her opinion, best exemplifies the spirit of the Calgary Stampede and that entry will receive the 2017 Celebrities’ Choice Award.

“Manjit Minhas’ success and visionary leadership has made her a role model for so many Canadians. We are thrilled that she is our celebrity judge,” said Chair of the Calgary Stampede Parade Committee, Michael Wetherup in a release. “Minhas follows in the footsteps of some great Canadians, including Ralph Klein, Ryan Getzlaf, Beckie Scott, and Jon Cornish, who have all been celebrity judges for the Parade.”

“As a born and raised Calgarian, the Stampede Parade has always had a special place in my heart,” said Minhas in a release. “I have fond memories of going to the parade all dressed up in my cowboy boots and straw hat as a kid to watch the spectacular floats. I now love seeing the parade and excitement for it through my daughters’ eyes. It’s a great display of the diversity this city has in its people and cultures and also the common thread that brings us together as a community.”

The Calgary Stampede Parade will take place on Friday, July 7 from 9 to 11am, with the prelude starting at 7:30am. Don’t forget that this year’s route is reversed and you can get free entrance into the park until 1:30pm.

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