Man arrested after hiding in Lethbridge senior's home for 18 hours

May 28 2019, 8:56 pm

A 75-year-old woman from Lethbridge is suffering from a broken nose and other head injuries after she was allegedly assaulted by a 21-year-old man from Ottawa.

A release from Lethbridge RCMP states that the man had been hiding out in the basement of the woman’s Fairway Street South home for roughly 18 hours before he was discovered by the woman, having broken into the home in the early hours of May 21 and staying in a basement bedroom.

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“Over the course of 18 hours the male remained in the woman’s home while she went about her business unaware of his presence,” the release states.

The man, identified in the release as Adam Hobkirk-Onate, was discovered after the woman investigated a sound, wherein the man allegedly punched her in the face repeatedly, dragged her to the garage, struck her with a bicycle, and stole her vehicle to flee the scene.

Police were called to the home at around 7 pm on Wednesday, May 22 after neighbours heard screaming, and responders found the woman badly beaten.

Later that night, a police officer in the area noticed a car driving with its headlights turned off with a license plate that matched the woman’s stolen vehicle.

The car was pulled over and the driver was arrested.

According to the release, the suspect is not known to the victim and has no ties to the City of Lethbridge.