Time to get crafty with MakerYYC

Oct 31 2016, 6:43 pm

Written for Daily Hive by Kaila Hoar

Two long-time friends decided to rebuild their part-time hobby into a dream business, and Calgary has been ever so thankful they brought us MakerYYC!

MakerYYC is a creative company offering a large variety of modern art and craft classes at restaurants around the city.

It differs from the average Paint Nite in that they offer many types of classes. From Terrarium making, pillow case decorating, Venetian mask making, and wire wrapped crystal jewellery, there is literally a class for everyone.

Image: Maker / Facebook

Image: Maker / Facebook

The vibrant and tenacious duo of Kathryn Kozody and Sarah Biafore have a passion for combining creativity and socialization. They’ve created a social event that is more than spending time at a bar, it’s adding creative activities to your hang out. Their philosophy is that creativity is everywhere and in everyone, and they aim to expose it in everyone.

When you reserve your spot the cost includes all supplies and a creative exercise to unbury your talent, you just need to show up and buy yourself a drink!

As a way to give the people what they want, Maker regularly host polls on their Facebook page so you can vote on which classes you’d want to see happen and attend.

Check out some of MakerYYC’s best upcoming classes:

MakerYYC is also looking to expand their team right now. So if you’re an artist looking to teach others your craft this could be the perfect gig for you. You can find out more about the position by emailing [email protected].