9 unique and local monthly subscriptions boxes to sign up for in 2020

Jan 29 2020, 8:46 pm

It’s 2020, and cozying up in your sweat pants with your laptop to do some damage with your credit card is nothing short of normal.

It’s not even a stretch to admit that with a laser focus you can wiz through entire to-buy lists of groceries, household amenities, and obviously, a few guilty pleasures (clothes, shoes etc.) all in one sitting.

The best part? Receiving your items on your doorstep within mere hours of hitting purchase.

Now, imagine getting a surprise box on your doorstep every month containing a coveted local item that you can put to good use. We aren’t talking tacky knick-knacks, but rather a bottle of wine, a pair of socks, a box of candy, or even a parcel of cheese. No matter your interests, there is more than likely a subscription box for that.

At just a click of your mouse you can order yourself (or someone else) a monthly local subscription box that will guarantee excitement and joy when received. Plus, you’re supporting a local business while you’re at it — win-win!

Check out a few of our favs below:

Meat Subscription from Bessie Box


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What:¬†Life can get a little wild, but Bessie Box is here to help. Get a fresh box of locally sourced, high-quality meat and seafood delivered straight to your door at a frequency of your choice. They offer everything from ahi tuna steaks to beef brisket to chicken breasts to Atlantic salmon fillets — time to bring out your inner chef for dinner tonight.

Cost: Try the Bessie Test Kitchen Pack for $55 to get a taste of the quality meats they offer.

Sock Subscription from Friday Sock Co.


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What: You know what they say — life is too short to wear boring socks! Friday Sock Co. is determined to make sure you never run into this problem by providing you with a¬†3, 6, 9, or 12 month sock subscription. You’ll receive a different pair of purposely mismatched socks (designed in Calgary and made in the motherland, Italy), so¬†you’ll never go running around the house in search for a unique pair of socks again.


  • 3 Months – $48
  • 6 Months – $91
  • 9 Months – $132
  • 12 Months – $172

***Shipping is free and the longer the subscription you choose, the cheaper the socks become!

Cheese + Charcuterie Subscription from Brie and Banquet


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What: Calling all cheese lovers — this one’s for you. You can receive specialty cheeses, artisan meats, local seasonal fruits, small-batch jelly, a pickled-item, a savoury antipasti item and crackers, nuts, and a treat to sweeten the deal all in one carefully crafted package on a monthly basis. You’ll be the favourite at any potluck from here on out.


  • 3 Months – $75
  • 6 Months – $70
  • 12 Months – $65

Card Subscription from Little May Papery


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What:¬†You know when a significant holiday or event comes around the corner and you can’t find a card that fits the occasion? Sign up for the “Little Paper Club” and receive a magical package of three to four unique, hand-illustrated cards, plus a bonus stationery item, at your door each month. This is also a fantastic gift idea for the stationery lover in your life (because we all know at least one).


  • 3 Months – $57
  • 6 Months – $108
  • 12 Months – $204

Candy Subscription from The Sugar Cube


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What: Becoming a part of the “Candy Club” is quite possibly the sweetest gift you could ever give or receive. You can choose between 4, 6, 10, 30, and even 50 servings of candy to receive every month. Whether you just want to add a little sugar to your life, or sweeten up the entire house or office, you’ll get a monthly batch of fresh candies which includes old classics and new favourites.


  • Bulk Candy Lover – $25/ Month
  • Sugar Lover – $30/ Month
  • Sugar Addict – $50/ Month
  • Sugar Fiend – $95/ Month
  • Sugar Queen – $150/ Month

Wine Subscription from Vine Arts


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What: A monthly wine subscription — need we say more? Join the “Wine Club” at Vine Arts and discover new regions, grape varieties, and styles of wine you never even knew existed.

Choose from either the Classic Wine Club and receive six new bottles of wine every month, or the Natural Wine Club and receive three bottles of unique natural wines from around the world. In your subscription, you’ll find a detailed write up with explanations, tasting notes, and pairings.

This is a fun way to find your new favourite vino to add to your collection or simply become a more educated wine connoisseur.


  • Classic Wine Club – $150
  • Natural Wine Club – $100

My Petit Box


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What: Do you or someone you know have a passion for supporting local? When you sign up for “My Petit Box” you’ll receive a package filled with wonderful handmade pieces from a different local artist or maker each month. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as you discover some of the incredible talent that Calgary has to offer.


  • 1 Month – $30
  • 3 Months – $28
  • 6 Months – $27

Gelato Subscription from Fiasco Gelato


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What: You scream, we scream, we all scream for gelato. It’s truly hard to choose the best flavour at Fiasco Gelato, so we recommend just signing up for their “Gelato Club” and trying them all. Each month members will receive four rotating flavours in a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to¬†savour and enjoy. It’s the best way to share the #gelatolove all year round.

Cost: $50 per month

Beef Subscription from TruLocal


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What: At TruLocal you can order a subscription of 100% grass-fed beef in the form of a stripling steak, ground beef, or bone broth — choose one or all of the above. These are perfect for the health-conscious shopper who is looking for a healthy meat choice that is low in fat with no additives, or preservatives, and is sourced locally.

Cost: $55.90 a week

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