Harry Potter love: Kensington transforms to Diagon Alley again this summer

Jul 13 2017, 5:41 am

One, Two, Vera Verto!

UH-OH. We probably shouldn’t have used Ron’s broken wand for that.

The Kensington community will transform into Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley on July 30 from 10 am to 5 pm. This is not for Muggles. We repeat, this is not for Muggles.

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The wizarding world will be full of brilliant oddities as up to 50 stores participate in this second annual event along Kensington Road and 10th Street NW.

“We are thrilled to bring this event back for its second year and enhance the experience for attendees,” said Kensington BRZ Executive Director, Annie MacInnis.

Witches and Wizards will get the chance to enjoy life-size chess, (yes Hermione, we know Wizard’s Chess is totally barbaric), costume contests (best put on your robes), and purchase a vast array of Harry Potter paraphernalia.

A few exciting stops on it include Pulcinella Calgary transformed into Florean Fortescue, serving butterbeer ice cream and donuts.

We’re just here for the butterbeer of course!

Pull out your Marauders Map which, you of course got from the Weasely’s, and head over to Container Bar which will transform into Spinner’s End offering Polyjuice potion.

Hey Barty Crouch Junior is that you trying to be Alastor Mad-Eye Moody again? Tsk!

They’ll also have punch, sorting hat cocktails, and Crave Cookies and Cupcakes reinvented as The Common Room offering house crest-snitch cupcakes.

Aha cupcakes! Know who that attracts? One guess – Crabbe and Goyle. Might just spot them around there stuffing their faces with sugary goodness.

Might as well be careful with the goodies anyway, don’t want to end up like Ron here with a box of chocolate laced with a powerful love potion.

And to work off all that food you can head to the pitch for a quick game of quid.

“Quidditch matches and training sessions will be at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association field,” MacInnis added.

We could also do with a Firebolt broom actually, we’re here for that too.

“An entertainment stage will be set-up beside Purr Clothing, and special performances at the Plaza Theatre throughout the day, including a Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra quintet (wonder if Professor Filius Flitwick will be leading that).

There’ll also be Storybook Theatre reading.

“There will truly be something for everyone.” You see Slytherins, no wizard left behind.

No offence Malfoy, of course we still love you, “you foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach.”

Participants can escape from St. Mungos and Azkaban rooms at Kensington’s newest escape room, Trapped Calgary.

No way! Are you Sirius?

But that’s not the best part, we know how can it get better right?

Here’s how, the Sunnyside LRT station will act as the infamous Platform 9 3⁄4.

Attendees can purchase limited edition Harry Potter Transit day passes at Calgary Transit Customer Service Centres 125 7 Ave SE (Centre Street Station) and 234 7 Ave SW.


“We encourage attendees to take the C-Train down on event day to avoid trying to find parking, as 10th Street and Kensington Rd will be closed,” said Calgary Transit Director, Doug Morgan.

“The limited edition Harry Potter transit day passes are available now up until the event, so don’t forget to get yours, before it’s too late.”

See you there Potterheads.

Spend a Day in Kensington’s Diagon Alley

Where: Along Kensington Road and 10th Street NW
When: Sunday, July 30
Time: 10am to 5pm

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