These were the 10 hottest (and coldest) travel destinations for Canadians in 2016

Jan 17 2017, 9:54 pm

From September 1, 2016 until December 1, 2016, travel search engine giant Kayak payed attention to where Canadians were going.

The results they’ve come up show the destinations with the largest increase/decrease in year-over-year searches.

In a release from the company, David Solomito, VP North America Marketing, had this to say about the choices Canadians were making in their travel:

Canadians are seeking experiences both rich in culture and history in some of the world’s most interesting cities. Havana has seen an amazing amount of renewed interest as has Reykjavik, but there are some exciting additions to the list – like Casablanca, Auckland and Manila – proving long distance isn’t necessarily a variable when booking a trip.

The more than year’s worth of data collected also contributes to knowing where Canadians are heading in 2017. According to the release:

  • Havana is this year’s hot spot. While Canadians have always had a love for the historic tourist destination known for its cigars and famous vintage cars, interest in the city skyrocketed with a whopping 230% increase in searches compared to last year. Get there fast before Americans are allowed to starting vacationing there, which will likely drive up costs and crowds.
  • Strike while the Reykjavik iron is hot and while you can still score a cool deal. The European hotspot took the #2 spot on KAYAK’S Top Trending Destinations list for Canadians with a 116% increase in searches compared to 2015.
  • Canadian travel to some of last year’s top destinations is expected to drop. Osaka was the top trending destination last year, but saw a 41% decrease in searches this year. Florida may also see fewer Canadians; Fort Lauderdale and Panama City’s temperatures couldn’t keep the cities from cooling down for Canadians.
  • Nashville is “singing your song”, Canada. No surprise with attractions and events continuing to expand in this great American city, Nashville sees a 43% increase in searches among Canadian travellers.
  • Canadians will go the distance for a rich cultural experience. KAYAK data shows that long flights aren’t always a factor when planning a trip. Long-haul destinations Casablanca, Manila, Auckland and New Delhi all saw 30% + increases in searches.

Here are the top ten largest increase/decrease in year-over-year searches for Canadians:

Courtesy of Kayak

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