New survey says Canadians' favourite place to travel is...Canada!

Jun 30 2016, 2:44 am

When you have it all, why go anywhere else?

We don’t always brag, but when it comes to Canada being a great country to live, travel, and vacation in, you’re going to have to shove us off our soapbox if you want us to shut up.

And it seems the majority of Canadians agree with us.

The results from a new poll released by Ipsos Reid, conducted on behalf of Historica Canada, show that Canada is far and away Canadians’ favourite travel destination.

Major findings from the release include:

  • 68% of Canadians polled ‘agree’ (23% strongly/45% somewhat) that ‘Canada has something for everyone, so why go anywhere else’
  • 69% ‘agree’ (19% strongly/50% somewhat) that they ‘vacation in Canada because they want to learn more’ about their country
  • 60% ‘disagree’ (24% strongly/36% somewhat) that they ‘find it’s cheaper to go outside of Canada for vacation than to travel within our borders’
  • 39% travel to the U.S. less often than they used to, specifically because of safety concerns

Whatever it is that’s keeping us here, we’re happy Canadians are spreading the love.

From coast to coast, Canada is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Get out there and see as much of it as you can!

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