Jelly Lab: New custom jelly desserts company launches in Calgary

May 5 2022, 4:29 pm

Jelly Lab, a unique new dessert concept, just launched in Calgary.

This new idea and company come from the mind of Leah Van Loon, a well-known fashion expert, stylist, and writer.

These are glamorous custom jelly creations masterfully created in different shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours.

You have to see them in person to believe them.


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These wobbly desserts make a great centrepiece at any table, a unique gift for a special occasion, or a fun way to enjoy dessert with the family.

TikTok is all about the wobble videos right now, and these couldn’t have come at a better time to take advantage of that. Plus, they taste great.

Weekly jelly specials go live every Monday to order, and there’s also the option to custom order a jelly creation or collab on something.

The recent coconut milk panna cotta jelly dessert was made with cubes of colourful jelly, topped with a silver leaf crown, and then set in a bell mould.

This fancy treat from Jelly lab is one of the larger ones and should be enough to feed up to 12 people.

These are one-of-a-kind, and they’re finally here! So be one of the first to show these off at your next event or dinner party.

Jelly Lab


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