Here's how Calgary reacted to Nenshi being re-elected Mayor

Oct 17 2017, 1:49 am

Calgary is breathing a sigh of relief now that the mayoral race has finally drawn to a close.

While there may be some heated arguments in the coming days and weeks about what’s in store for the city’s future, the days of campaigning, lawn signs, buttons, and ballots are finally over now that we’re able to say Naheed Nenshi will return as mayor.

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And what a climax today was. With such a high voter turnout that some stations ran out of ballots, “lineups” trending on Twitter, and free gelato for anyone with an “I Voted” sticker, Election Day was a sprint to the finish for more than just the candidates.

Here’s how Calgary has been taking the news on social media, now that all is said and done.

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