A totally gluten-free brewery could open in YYC next year

Jun 7 2017, 3:21 am

A Calgary based husband and wife team are hoping to bring Western Canada’s first 100% gluten-free craft brewery to Calgary in 2018.

Wes and Jackie Maxwell, owners of Heathen’s Brewery, have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help raise start-up capital for the brewery. With a target goal of $150,000, they hope to have the brewery operational by early 2018.

Heathen's Brewing

Wes and Jackie of Heathen’s Brewing (Photo courtesy Heathen’s Brewing)

The idea came from when Jackie was diagnosed with Celiac in 2011 and Wes started looking for Gluten-free beer. It comes as no surprise there is a limited supply in Canada, and so, being the entrepreneurial type, they set out to create their own.

The brewery has a number of recipes already planned including:

  • Black IPA – full bodied with subtle flavors of malt and citrus while delivering a strong hoppy taste
  • Buckwheat Ale – mild roasted taste with a slight bite
  • Brown Rice Ale – delivers the contrast of ginger and cocoa
  • Chocolate Coffee Stout – rich and robust with a strong coffee flavor and subtle hint of chocolate

Heathen’s goal is to showcase to all people – those with Celiac and those without– how distinctive and enjoyable Gluten Free beers can be. The brewery’s design will utilize a Viking theme and the owners will seek out hand-crafted furniture, wrought-
iron fixtures and art from local artisans.

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“We’re asking our Celiac, craft brewing, and YYC communities to join forces and help us make our gluten-intolerant dreams come true,” said Jackie Maxwell.

You can find out more about the brewery via their website and of course through their Indiegogo campaign.

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