Gas prices are going to be the lowest in 2 years this Canada Day weekend

Jun 27 2019, 9:00 pm

The long weekend is finally within reach—and with it comes the inevitable long drives to the cottage or to the beach.

But luckily for Canadians, gas prices are not only going to drop, but they are also going to be the lowest in two years this Canada Day weekend.

According to GasBuddy, the average gas prices over the Canada Day long weekend will be less expensive than a year ago with every region paying an average of 10 cents less than they did in 2018.

And since Canada’s average gas price currently sits around $1.20 a litre, most drivers will be able to save as much as $10 per fill-up.

“With classes ending and the long weekend beckoning, many Canadians will be travelling this weekend as Canada celebrates its 152nd birthday and with cheaper gas prices, most will have a little extra reason to celebrate,” said Dan McTeague, senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy.

Following the recent drop in gas prices across Canada, “many drivers will see the cost of taking a longer trip this year much more affordable than last year as costs to fill up vary from a low of $1.09 a litre in Alberta with Manitoba and Nova Scotia coming in at $1.12, to a high of $1.38 in British Columbia,” said McTeague.

By contrast, the cheapest gas prices last year in Canada were found in Saskatchewan which at $1.17 cents a litre, was 11 cents cheaper than PEI and a full 20 cents less than BC.

This year the savings are noticeable as Alberta and Newfoundland each share the mantle for the provinces that saw the biggest year-over-year declines with Alberta seeing a 16-cent discount and Newfoundland not far behind at 14 cents.

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In almost all cases, drivers can expect to save between seven and 15 cents a litre this year and possibly even more if they shop around for the lowest gas prices.

While much of the decrease seen this year can be traced to the ongoing trade turmoil between the US and China, GasBuddy said that gas prices are most volatile during the heavy summer driving season and that global geopolitical and even meteorological events can influence prices quickly and dramatically.

For drivers taking to the roads this long weekend, GasBuddy has a few tips:

  1. Shop around for lower prices and see if it’s cheaper to fuel up along the way to your destination or nearest your place of departure.
  2. Make sure your tire pressure meets the manufacturers recommended levels, fluids topped and if you require, change your oil and air filter. Even having your air conditioning off or in recirculate mode can help with fuel economy and leave more in your pocket for the fun that awaits at your destination for Canada Day.
  3. Don’t let your car idle for long periods of time and keep the windows slightly down when possible to keep the inside of the car cooler, making it less difficult for the air conditioner to catch up once you depart.
  4. Use a navigation app to avoid any congestion and perhaps route yourself around slowdowns.
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