Not cool: Gas prices in Alberta are set to skyrocket tomorrow

Oct 5 2022, 3:47 pm

It might be a good call to fill up the tank if you’re a driver in Alberta today because a gas price analysis service forecasts prices are going to skyrocket soon.

Gas Wizard predicts prices in Edmonton and Calgary will rise by a staggering 13 cents per litre to $1.699 and $1.729 on Thursday, October 6.

Gas Wizard

The price of premium fuel is also being forecast to increase by 13 cents per litre, with the price of diesel going up by five cents per litre.

Fuel in Alberta’s two biggest cities will remain above the price in spots across Ontario like Hamilton, Ottawa, and London, according to Gas Wizard.

The cheapest fuel can be found all the way in Atlantic Canada, with prices in Halifax sitting at $1.572 per litre and prices in Moncton forecasted to be at $1.549 per litre.

So text your friends and call your parents to warn them to stop and fill up at any gas station they see today. We have to save the most money we can!

Laine MitchellLaine Mitchell

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