Catch a non-stop roundtrip flight from Calgary to Austin, Texas for just $196

Mar 7 2019, 5:45 pm

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When you’re in Canada, it doesn’t get much more country than Alberta.

Take a trip down south, and you’ll find no state with more cowboy boots, hats, and rodeos than Texas.

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Good news for anyone hoping to get a taste of that southern hospitality this summer, because WestJet has decided to drop the price on non-stop, roundtrip flights between Calgary and Austin, Texas on select dates in May, June, and September.

Not a bad way to experience a rodeo a few months before the Stampede, if you just can’t wait for all the excitement that July brings.

The deal was highlighted by our friends over at YYC Deals, the flight-deal-finding website that’s always on the lookout for cheap flights out of Calgary International Airport.

Grabbing a ticket to Austin is actually quite simple. All you’ll need to go is head over to Google Flights, punch in the two cities, and browse the calendar for flights coming in at $290.

“Hey! That’s like, $95 more dollars that stated in this headline. Fake news!” You may be screaming into your laptop screen. And you’d be right (about the pricing discrepancy).

What you need to do is find the $290 flight dates on Google Flights first, then take those dates over to FlightHub and punch in the same info.

The reason you need to head over to Google Flights first is simply for their easy to use calendar function that shows the cheapest dates, which isn’t available on FlightHub.


Flight from Calgary to Austin, Texas (FlightHub)

Once those same dates are punched into FlightHub, you’ll find that the price has dropped by as much as $95.

Other flights between the two hubs are coming in at around $250 to $270, so even if you miss out on the really cheap deals, there are still a few options.

Spend that extra money on some Texan BBQ — you deserve it for finding such a delicious deal!

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