Here's how this parking app is working to reduce car emissions

Feb 20 2019, 3:42 am

Technology is slowly creating a more environmentally-conscious and responsible world.

With mobile applications that help us with our everyday life (like ones that help us control our home heating and cooling systems) and serve as our personal assistants, one company is on a mission to make our lives easier, to help us change the world.

The Park Indigo app aims to significantly reduce our world’s carbon footprint through the reduction of car emissions and improve the city’s general urban mobility.

By helping users find, reserve, and pay for a place quickly and efficiently, Park Indigo’s mobile app is striving to be a more environmentally friendly option to finding parking — reducing unnecessary car emissions, while saving gas. It also reduces the need for on-site machines and cash handling resulting in cutting down on paper waste (which also means no more losing tickets). Say goodbye to heavy traffic caused by slow driver’s looking for parking!

In-app preview/Park Indigo

While Indigo’s major focus remains parking management, they are also aware of the environmental challenges our cities are facing when it comes to mobility. The company has undertaken several new initiatives to promote sustainable individual mobility in every area possible.

Increasingly innovative digital services have been developed and implemented, such as their website and a remote call centre with smart customer assistance. Connectivity is Indigo’s key to attaining more environmentally-friendly and sustainable mobility, on a local and international level.

Initiatives such as using energy efficient lighting and motion sensors in their parking lots, have also been and will continue to be a focus in every sector. Indigo is doing their part to reduce car emissions and energy consumption where possible.

Using the app/Park Indigo

Anyone who drives knows the frustration of finding a parking spot, especially during peak hours. By helping users find a place quickly and efficiently, Park Indigo’s mobile app is improving urban mobility one click at a time.

Indigo aims to consider environmental impacts in a more environmentally conscious and responsible way. Download the Park Indigo app and visit their website for more information and to find and pay for your parking today.

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