Hot mic catches broadcaster in expletive-filled rant on Flames' Dougie Hamilton

Apr 17 2017, 5:43 pm

The microphone is always on.

That’s an important lesson aspiring broadcasters learn early on in school, but one that somebody forgot on Saturday night.

Sportsnet microphones caught an expletive-filled rant about the Flames’ Dougie Hamilton. While the rant never made it to air, it did make it to YouTube.

We won’t speculate on the voice ripping into the Calgary defenceman, though the other two voices were clearly John Garrett and Rick Ball, who are calling the series for Sportsnet.

“If you don’t rip Dougie Hamilton, I will. Stupidest f*cking penalty you can take,” the mysterious voice said.

“How about the TJ Brodie one, too? But you’re right, that Dougie Hamilton one,” Garrett said.

Hamilton’s third period penalty for holding the stick led to the game-winning goal by the Ducks. Clearly, it did not sit well with the mystery man.

“Does he have a f*cking brain? He doesn’t. He’s stupid as f*ck.”

“I don’t know him that well,” Garrett, who regularly calls Vancouver Canucks games during the regular season, said.

“He’s not an intelligent guy,” mystery man added.

It’s important to note that the language and opinionated nature of the mystery broadcaster is not uncommon among reporters covering NHL teams. It’s just that we rarely get to hear it.

“You’re Mr. Flames, so you probably know him better than I do,” said Garrett, giving us a clue to the mystery man’s real identity.

“That’s probably their best chance to win here I think in this series,” Ball said.

“Yeah, they’re done, they can’t win four of five,” mystery man said, confidently.

Hopefully for Flames fans, this lights a fire under Hamilton and provides him with motivation to prove his mystery doubter wrong. The series moves to Calgary for Game 3 Monday night (8 pm MT, Sportsnet).

Here’s the full audio:

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