Every country's favourite winter sport in the Olympics (MAP)

Feb 21 2018, 2:13 am

The time difference between Pyongchang and the rest of the world makes it rather challenging to navigate which Olympic sport to watch, even for the most dedicated Olympic viewers.

Of course when it involves your country’s favourite sport that’s an entirely¬†different story.

And when it comes to each countries¬†preferred sport, Google gathered data over the past 12 months on what sports people have been streaming on YouTube to determine every country’s favourite¬†winter sport in the Olympics.

And while it comes as no surprise that hockey is the top choice in Canada, USA, and Russia, there are a few countries who’s preferences might surprise you.

Bobsledding is hugely popular in South America, while curling is the top choice for Africa. China prefers speed skating while figure skating is the most popular in Japan.

Europe is divided when it comes to its favourite sport, with skiing, ski jumping, and curling being the most commonly watched sports.

Australia, Iceland and the United Kingdom, on the other hand, prefer snowboarding.

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