Cirque Du Soleil's new show is coming to Calgary this summer (PHOTOS)

May 1 2019, 4:03 am

Cirque Du Soleil is flipping and twirling their way back into the hearts of Calgarians at the end of this summer.

Introducing their brand-new show “Luzia,” Cirque Du Soleil will transport you to a dreamy land in Mexico, full of stunning sights and sounds. “Luzia” is an imaginary land that’s suspended between dreams and reality.


Artist balancing on one pole (Cirque Du Soleil)

The show is comprised of four main themes: Water as a source of inspiration, a sea of multiple faces, surreal menagerie, and breaking down the barriers.

“Luzia” showcases unprecedented stunts including a Cyr wheel where artists roll and spin under a rain shower, all while a suspended trapeze artist flies, twists, and turns through the pouring rain.

The show takes you through old movie sets, under the sea, back on land to a semi-desert, and through so much more. The seamless scenery changes will actually make you feel like you’re dreaming.


Straps Artist performing in water (Cirque Du Soleil)

Straps Artist twirling underneath the water (Cirque Du Soleil)

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Another interesting aspect of the show is its blend of modern-day Mexico and the traditions and roots that lay there. “Luzia” incorporates the animal world as it is largely evident in traditional Mexican tales and fables.

Each show pushes the bar higher with more death-defying stunts, rigorous sequences, and exceedingly dangerous props. This show aims to break the “hoop-diving” barrier by increasing the height and speed at which the artists perform the jumps.

Hoop Diving artists(Cirque Du Soleil)

One of the most exciting stunts to look forward to is the soccer stars. Two football players (or ‘soccer’ for all those that aren’t¬†in the know) mix dance with soccer ball manipulation as you’ve never seen before.


Football dancers manipulating the soccer ball (Cirque)

Artist standing on discs (Cirque Du Soleil)

Cyr Wheel rolling under rain showers (Cirque Du Soleil)

Moral of the story: Cirque Du Soleil is really cool.

Luzia – A Waking Dream of Mexico

When: August 16 to September 22
Monday to Friday: 8 pm
Saturday:  4 pm, and 8 pm
Sunday: 1:30 pm, and 5 pm

Where:¬†1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary ‚Äď Lot 6

Tickets: $49 for general admission or VIP tickets can be purchased here

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