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Elections Alberta's unofficial count shows nearly 1.9 million Albertans voted

Chandler Walter Apr 22, 2019 2:24 pm

No matter what you think about the outcome of the 2019 Alberta provincial election, all Albertans should be proud of at least one thing: The voter turnout was better than the province has seen in decades. 

Elections Alberta released their unofficial voter count on Friday, announcing that 1,880,508 Albertans cast a ballot either on election day, during advance voting, or through a mail-in special ballot.

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Given that there were 2,643,453 registered electors at the time of the provincial election, it turns out that a whopping 71.1% of registered voters participated in democracy — which is even higher than what we predicted by crunching the numbers ourselves shortly after the election.

Elections Alberta’s records only go back until 1975, but given what is shown, the 2019 election’s turnout was higher than any other provincial election in at least the past 44 years.

voter turnout

Historic voter turnout in Alberta (Elections Alberta)

The largest voter turnout, according to their website, occurred on August 22, 1935, when 81.8% of eligible voters took to the polls. The smallest turnout was just 11 years ago when only 40.6% of eligible voters turned up to vote in the 2008 provincial election.

Looking at the rest of the country finds that Alberta’s showing was higher than the average, as BC’s voter turnout has been hovering around 55% over the past decade, and Ontario has not seen a turnout break into the 60% range since 1995.

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