Here's what was inside the 48-year-old Christmas present

Dec 8 2018, 12:35 am

Edmonton’s Adrian Pearce has finally opened the 48-year-old Christmas present.

Pearce was given the present by Vicki Allen, a high school girlfriend who left him in 1970 for an older boy, though she handed Pearce a small, blue, box-shaped present before saying goodbye. Pearce vowed never to open the present, writing a quick Facebook post about it on December 18, 2017.

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Media attention was quick to follow, with Pearce’s story making international headlines just days before Christmas that year.


Photo of the 48-year-old Christmas Present (Adrian Pearce/Facebook)

Pearce wrote an updated Facebook post on December 23, explaining a few more details about the situation that left him holding onto a near-half-century-old gift.

“[Vicki] broke up with me at this time of the year in 1970 and that was when she gave me the gift,” Pearce wrote in the December 23 post.

“She left me for an older guy named Wolf who she called Wolfie.”

The post goes on to explain that he tried to reach out to Vicki once it was clear that the story was taking off, but had no luck tracking her down with a few now-out-of-service phone numbers.


Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen (Adrian Pearce/Facebook)

Flash forward to a year later, and Pearce managed to find Vicki Allen, and has even written a book about the long-unopened present titled “The 47 Year Old Present.”

Pearce decided to finally open the present at an event on Thursday night, revealing the book “Love is…” by artist Kim Grove.

Allen did the honours of unwrapping the gift at the event, which also doubled as a launch for Pearce’s book.


Love Is… by Kim Grove (

After 48 years, the mystery of the long-unopened present has finally been solved.

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