Don Cherry tells Justin Bieber to 'get a room' during face-sucking PDA moment at Leafs game

Nov 27 2018, 2:06 am

Newlyweds Justin and Hailey Bieber were not afraid to show the world how in love they were at Saturday’s Toronto Maple Leafs Game, and it involved a lot of PDA.

The couple showed up wearing matching Mr. and Mrs. Bieber jerseys. Super cringey cute!

Then things got hot and heavy. Watch below as Bieber realizes that he and his wife are on Kiss Cam. He standsĀ and waves at the camera andĀ then goes in for the kiss.

But this kiss wasn’t some cute peck. It was a serious face-sucking moment that even left Don Cherry feeling a bit award.


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“Oh there’s Bieber right there –look at the pants. He wears the same pants as me … I’d wear those pants all the time,” Cherry quips.

But when the Biebers start making out, Cherry says what we’re all thinking: “Hey, get a room!”

Even the commentators on Hockey Night in Punjabi were not sure what to make of the Biebers’ makeout sesh.

“Oh woah, woah, woah,” says commentator Randip Janda in Punjabi. “They are newly married –so that’s why they seem extra happy.”

The couple does seem like they are really enjoying their first few weeks of marriage. After all, nothing says romance like frequentĀ dates to Tim Hortons.

But when it comes to the extreme PDA, we agree with Cherry. Get a room.

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