Calgary dog owners want cats out of off-leash parks right meow

Jun 17 2022, 9:30 pm

Some Calgary kitty owners must not have heard the term “fighting like cats and dogs,” because felines keep showing up in off-leash dog parks.

A Calgary resident started aĀ Reddit thread saying a trend has started where people walk their cats through off-leash areas in the city.

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There are hundreds of comments on the thread and the common theme is: THAT IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.

Some dogs are afraid of cats and don’t need them in their puppy safe space while some dogs love cats but don’t know how to show that in gentle ways.

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Along with being a really bad idea, it’s also illegal.

When reached for a statement, the City said it “hasnā€™t received complaints about this recently. However, it is against the Responsible Pet Bylaw for animals that are not dogs to be in an off-leash dog area, even if they are on a leash. Citizens can call 311 if they see pets that are not dogs in an off-leash dog area. For more information:

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A look at the bylaws tells us the fine for an animal other than a dog in an off-leash area is between $50-$100 or the cost of 66-133 cans of Friskies.

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