You can now hang your spare key on 17 Ave's new art display

Aug 4 2017, 3:00 am

With all the construction happening on 17th Avenue right now, the City of Calgary has put together a fun public art display to combat the sore sight and help local businesses in the area.

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A new program developed by Blank Page Studio and The City called The cREative Realm, will support businesses through the creation of artwork along the Avenue that encourages interactive, playful experiences to help draw Calgarians to the area.

Unlock is a temporary installation that will use construction and recycled keys collected from Calgarians and local business owners to form a canopy of dangling, flowing keys over the sidewalk on 17th Avenue between 1 Street SE and Centre Street.

“We’re making sure that Calgarians can still access 17th Ave during construction and cREative Relam will let people know they can still come down and do all the things they want to do on 17th Ave and more,” said Senior Transportation Engineer, Logan Tolsma.

Drawing on its symbolism, the humble key will bring light to the area and business community by the individual and unique meaning and representation of each key suspended within the installation.


Where: 17th Avenue between 1 Street SE and Centre Street