City of Calgary repaving 285 km of roadway this summer

Jun 8 2020, 6:50 pm

Get ready for some construction signs, Calgary.

The City of Calgary has announced that it is kicking off its 2020 paving program this week, which will see roughly five months of roadwork being done throughout the city.

A release from the city states that roads at over 110 locations will be resurfaced, with crews replacing concrete and asphalt to make roads smoother and therefore safer.

“This year’s paving program will go a long way towards making roads better and safer and will be welcome news to those who use these routes and have been asking for smoother roads” said Roads Manager of Construction Barry Poon in the release.

Major roadways seeing repaving include the following:

  • Crowchild Trail SW from 66 Ave. to Glenmore Trail SW
  • MacLeod Trail (northbound lanes) from Glenmore Trail to 75 Ave. SW
  • MacLeod Trail (northbound lanes) from Canyon Meadows Dr. to Heritage Dr.
  • 4 Ave. from 3 St. SE to 6 St. SW
  • 162 Ave. SW from Shawville Blvd. to Everstone Dr. SW
  • 63 Ave. SW and Lancaster Way SW
  • James McKevitt Rd. SW from MacLeod Trail to Fish Creek Blvd.
  • 16 Ave. NW from 29 St. to 43 St. NW
  • Crowchild Trail NW from Tuscany LRT Station to 12 Mile Coulee Rd.
  • Crowchild Trail NW (westbound and eastbound lanes) from Sarcee Trail to Nosehill Dr.
  • Silver Springs Gt. NW from Silver Springs Blvd. to Crowchild Trail
  • Nose Hill Dr. NW from Silver Springs Blvd. NW to John Laurie Blvd. NW

A total of 285 lane-kilometres will be resurfaced this year, according to the release.

Along with the major roadways, repaving will also be seen in the communities of Castleridge, Maryland Heights, Elboya, Patterson, Lakeview, and Rundle.

“Rehabilitating the right roads at the right time, using the right treatment, extends the life of our infrastructure,” said Poon.

“This will ensure our roads are safe for all users such as pedestrians, cyclists and transit users as well as motorists and goods movement, which is vital for the economy.”

The roadwork is expected to end in October.

The release also noted that roadwork will be planned for weekdays when possible to reduce the volume of traffic — a new strategy for the program being carried out this year.

Still, drivers will need to be extra cautious when driving by construction areas over the next few months.

“People working on our roadways have families they support and we want workers and drivers to get home safely,” said Roads Director Troy McLeod in the release.

“Please obey all signage and flag persons working so we can get our jobs done for you safely and effectively.”

The release included a few tips for drivers during repaving season:

  • Plan trips with the expectation that travel will take a few minutes longer during the summer construction season.
  • Use alternate routes if you know the whereabouts of a construction zone, especially zones operating over a lengthy period of time. This will reduce traffic congestion and related risks.
  • Obey speed limits in construction zones. Sometimes hazards are not visible to the motorist, but still pose a threat.
  • Obey all rules and signs even when people and equipment are not working – these are there for your safety and there may be danger present.
  • Cooperate with other drivers to keep traffic moving smoothly. When traffic needs to merge because of a lane closure, ease into the driving lane early and leave gaps for other vehicles to merge.

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