Central Library opens wellness desk offering free mental health support

Oct 13 2020, 9:20 pm

The Calgary Central Library just got a brand new addition.

A release from Calgary Public Library states that their newest and busiest building is now home to a wellness desk that offers free mental health support to library visitors.

“The Library is evolving to meet the needs of our city during an unprecedented mental health crisis, one which has worsened due to a pandemic,” said Mark Asberg, CEO for Calgary Central Public Library, in the release.

“The Wellness Desk will offer a welcoming, safe, and discreet opportunity for all members of the community to seek help with mental health concerns or issues.”

The desk is available to visitors on a drop-in basis on afternoons and early evenings. The desk features mental health professionals from Wood’s Homes, a children’s mental health centre that has been operating in Calgary for over a century.

“Wood’s Homes is proud to be providing mental health services at the Central Library’s new Wellness Desk,” said Bjorn Johansson, CEO for Wood’s Homes, in the release.

“Service accessibility and immediacy are contributors to improved mental health, especially in these times when many of us need help and support. We have a longstanding reputation with the community and see this opportunity as another step in ensuring that Calgarians know we are here to help.”

The support services will be free for all visitors of the library, thanks to the financial support from the City of Calgary, RBC Foundation, and donors of the Calgary Public Library Foundation.

The Wellness Desk is located on level 3 in room 3-19A and will operate until December 31.

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