Calgary can expect over 10 cm of snowfall over the coming week

Oct 13 2020, 9:17 am

It turns out the Starks were right; winter is indeed coming to Calgary this week.

A look at The Weather Network’s seven-day forecast shows that some significant snowfall is on its way. Temperatures are taking a nosedive and the unseasonable warmth we’ve been enjoying all fall is disappearing.

Any Calgarians who have stepped outside today will know that we’ve begun to see some sub-zero temperatures, and though Tuesday is expected to reach a high of 5°C, we will still see a chance of snowfall to the tune of under 1 cm.

Wednesday follows up with some flurries bringing another centimetre of snowfall mixed in with under 1 mm of rain, while Thursday may be one of the driest days of the week with just under 1 cm of snow.

Friday is forecast to see a high of 12°C, although it also brings with it 1 to 3 mm of rainfall and 1 to 3 cm of snow, courtesy of the -4°C low that the night will bring.

Temperatures continue to drop on Saturday with a high of -2°C that feels like -6°C and a low of -11°C, bringing with it around 1 cm of snow.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

The real snowday will come on Sunday, with roughly 5 cm of snow expected, a high of -3°C that feels like -7°C, and another chilly nighttime low of -11°C.

Given that we’ve made it to nearly the halfway point of October without seeing any hint of winter, we can’t exactly say that we’re surprised that the weather has finally taken its turn out here in Calgary.

Just be sure to have those toques, scarves, and mittens at the ready, YYC, because you’ll be needing them soon enough.