You can now take a cannabis tour into Kananaskis Country

Sep 14 2020, 4:34 pm

Alberta’s very first cannabis tour has just been launched by a local company.

Cannanaskis is the creation of journalist and researcher Dave Dormer, and it offers a commercially licensed and insured tour into Alberta’s Kananaskis Country while diving into the history of cannabis.

“I’ve never considered Cannabis a bad thing,” Dormer said in a release.

“And there’s so much more to it than Cheech and Chong, Seth Rogen movies and Reefer Madness. We’re not just going out to hotbox the forest; this is about giving people honest, reliable information so they have a better understanding of Cannabis and can explore it in a safe and beneficial way.”

cannabis tour

Photo via Dave Dormer/Cannanaskis

The tour runs on weekends and takes attendees first to FivePoint Cannabis in Calgary’s Bridgeland and then up into the mountains of Kananaskis Country.

“There is so much that is good about this amazing plant, and the more I learn, the more fascinated I become by it,” Dormer said in the release.

“My hope is to share my passion and knowledge, and help start to normalize its use. Wine tours and brewery tours are extremely popular and accepted, it’s time we start treating Cannabis the same way.”

The tour will run until the end of October and will highlight how cannabis had been used thousands of years ago by the Neolithic people, showcase some of the earliest books to mention cannabis, teach about the advent of Hashish, and explain some of the science behind what happens when we use cannabis.

cannabis tour

Photo via Dave Dormer/Cannanaskis

“The story of Cannabis is an amazing one, its history is so intertwined with the history of humanity. We’ve been using it since the stone age, there has almost never been a time when it hasn’t been part of civilization. I want to share that story,” Dormer said in the release.

The tours run from 10:15 am to 3:45 pm and includes a stop at FivePoint Cannabis in Calgary, a “secret smoke spot” on the drive up to Kananaskis, a viewpoint lunch, and a hike.

Tickets cost $180 for two people, $320 for four people, or $420 for six people, and can be purchased at the Cannanaskis website.

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