Calgary's Spring Clean-up Program postponed due to snowy weather

Apr 9 2018, 10:05 pm

So this is what it comes to.

Calgary is not the type of city to tremble at a little springtime snow. Calgarians are used to a true Canadian winter (unlike some people on the other side of the Rockies), but even we have to admit that this year has been somewhat ridiculous.

With the latest snowfall warning coming from Environment Canada just this past weekend, it’s clear that wintery weather is not quite done with the city, no matter what month the calendar says it is.

This point was driven home by a recent release by the city, which states that the Spring Clean-up Program – a program usually started in early April – has been postponed due to weather conditions.

Basically, there’s too much damn snow for anyone to even attempt sweeping roadways.

“Due to the unprecedented nature of this year’s winter we adjusted our sweeping schedules to ensure our operation can complete this work efficiently and effectively,” said Bill Biensch, the roads maintenance manager with the City of Calgary, in the release.

“Once gutters are free of ice we will be able to begin sweeping in residential areas.”

The main problem facing the street sweepers, according to the release, is that sweeping requires the use of water, which would freeze if used in Calgary’s current temperatures.

The online schedule of street sweeping in residential areas won’t be posted until the weather improves, so citizens are encouraged to keep an eye on the city’s website for the new schedule’s announcement, or to check @yyctransport on Twitter over the coming weeks.

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