Over 30+ of Calgary's best fried chicken spots mapped

Mar 8 2022, 12:27 am

How many of Calgary’s amazing fried chicken spots have you checked out?

There are so many tasty options in the city. It can be hard to keep track of where to go, where to go first, how to save the best for last, or even where you’ve already been.

Sure, scavenger hunts and treasure maps are fun for a bit, but we’ve got the real trail for you to follow.

We have designed a map highlighting the best places to sink your teeth into crispy, juicy, fried chicken deliciousness.

Check out all of the restaurants included on our Calgary fried chicken trail.

K Town Fried Chicken

This Korean fried chicken spot is the go-to place in Calgary for Chimeuk, the intentional and mindful pairing of beer and fried chicken. Is there a more dynamic culinary duo?

Address: 919 Centre Street NW, Calgary


Flirty Bird


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With several locations, Flirty Bird is one of the best spots in Calgary to try the spicy taste of Nashville. Tenders, sandwiches, sides and more can come with different spice levels to suit every person’s tolerance. Are you a no flirt or a scorching flirt type of person?

Address: 827 1st Avenue NE, Calgary

Address: 1919 4th Street SW, Calgary

Address: 2006-34th Avenue SW, Calgary

Address:Ā 718- 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Blue Star Diner


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This Bridgeland staple might not be a hidden gem, but it is in regards to fried chicken. People know it for the Canadian and global comfort fare, but there’s also an entire fried chicken dinner on the menu. The entire dish is a house-made corn waffle, red cabbage slaw, bread and butter pickles, green onions, parsley, cilantro, chipotle garlic honey, and parmesan dip.

Address: 809 1st Avenue NE, Calgary


Yum Yum BBQ Chicken

This is a cool spot to try traditional Korean BBQ dishes and also fresh takes on things like the poutine, made with house-made BBQ gravy. BBQ chicken is the namesake of this spot, and there’s plenty of it, but there’s also a wide variety of fried chicken in different flavours.

Address: 999 36th Street NE, Calgary


The Apron


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There are often feature menus here, so watch out for fried chicken specials, and when they’re available, people act fast. Sometimes it’s drums, and sometimes it’s gizzards, but all of it is incredibly delicious.

Address: 924 7th Avenue SW, Calgary


Hankook Chicken


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Hankook has some of the best fried chicken in Calgary, specializing in Korean-style. Different side dishes and appetizers pair perfectly with the chicken here that comes in a variety of unique flavours, like a creamy sauce, snowy, and green onion.

Address: 923 6th Avenue SW, Calgary




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Not only does TUGO have a delicious fried chicken recipe with perfectly cooked meat, but it’s the variety that really makes a trip here easy. Order however you’d like, but we strongly suggest grabbing a triple or Quadra box so that you can try as many flavours as possible.

Address: Heritage Square building, 8500 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary


I M Chicken


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Korean fried chicken is known for its extra crispy skin, but it’s the various flavours that make it even more special. I M Chicken embraces the sauces that people crave, offering its chicken with seasoned spicy or buldak, honey or spicy soy garlic seasoning, or a hybrid culture that comes with creamy, cilantro, or sprinkle flavours.

Address: 1330 15th Avenue SW, Calgary


Kamado Izakaya


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This pop-up spot that operates out of Calgary’s Teahouse feels like a hole-in-the-wall food spot for Japanese sushi and other eats. Fried chicken wings with a choice of flavours, karaage with dipping sauces, or deboned and stuffed fried chicken wings can all be enjoyed dine-in or take-out.

Address: 1213 1st Street SW, Calgary


The Street Eatery

The Street Eatery has crispy chicken on the menu, as well as a great KFC stir fry, but it’s also a sneaky great place for plant-based options. For vegetarians, there are vegan wings, popcorn chicken, and a KFC stir fry made with seitan.


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Address: 890 4th Avenue SW, Calgary


Chicken on the Way

If fried chicken is what you want, then fried chicken is what you shall receive at Chicken on the Way. This longstanding eatery (family-owned and operated since 1958) offers fast, fresh, and delicious fried chicken. Purchase by the piece or as a combo.

Address: 1443 Kensington Road NW, Calgary

Address: 3235 17th Avenue SE, Calgary

Address: 9673 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary

Address: 27 McKenzie Towne Avenue SE, Calgary

Address: #114 ā€“ 5401 Temple Drive NE, Calgary

Address: #207 ā€“ 150 Crowfoot Crescent NW, Calgary


Olive Chicken

fried chicken

Shallot Chicken (Olive Chicken)

This modest, counter-service eatery is the perfect pit stop if you’re looking to fill a fried chicken craving. Served piping hot and fresh, Olive Chicken’s fried chicken can be ordered sans toppings or with a Korean-inspired sticky hot and sweet sauce. Regardless of which variety you go for, you can expect to find tender, juicy meat with just the right amount of grease.

Address: 1324 10th Avenue SW, Calgary


Cluck ā€˜nā€™ Cleaver

Unsurprisingly, itā€™s all about the bird at these Beltline and West Springs additions. Cluck ā€˜nā€™ Cleaverā€™s chicken, which is supplied by local Alberta farms, is offered by the piece (think crispy, moist Southern-style fried chicken) and in quarter, half, and whole portions (rotisserie birds).

Address:Ā 1511 14th Street SW, Calgary

Address:Ā #100 ā€“ 917 85th Street SW, Calgary


Model Milk


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For an elevated fried chicken meal, head to Model Milk. The 17th Avenue eatery offers up a mouthwatering Nashville Hot Chicken — a shared plate made up of a deliciously crispy deep-fried all-natural bird, warm buttermilk waffles, coleslaw, and pickles.

Address: 308 17th Avenue SW, Calgary


Waffles & Chix

If you like your fried chicken to come with waffles, be sure to track down the Waffles & Chix food truck or visit its new location in Avenida. Once you do, you’ll find a traditional chicken and waffle plate, offered alongside sandwiched versions of the Southern staple, like the mouth-stretching Cheezy Waffle Sandwich. This enormous feed is comprised of Southern fried chicken (which boasts a crunchy crust), creamy coleslaw, and maple syrup, pressed between two cheese Brussels waffles.

Address: 12245 Lake Fraser Drive SE, Calgary


TheĀ Beltliner

fried chicken


This modern diner offers patrons a staggering amount of edible temptations, including the Fried Chicken Benedict and the eatery’s ever-popular Fried Chicken and Waffles. This drool-inducing food mash-up is composed of crispy chicken thighs, fluffy buttermilk waffles, and a thick white gravy.

Address: 243 12th Avenue SW, Calgary


Ogam Chicken

Crunch crunch crunch! Korean fried chicken with a crispĀ coating and just the right amount of grease is what you’ll find at Ogam Chicken. Heavy in flavour, choose between soy garlic, hot soy garlic, seasoned, or creamy garlic varieties.

Address: #108 ā€“ 6008 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


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This fried chicken fast-food chain is popular for a reason. In addition to their signature chicken, Popeyes serves up ghost pepper wings, Cajun crispy shrimp, and strawberry cream cheese fried pie. Hungry? Grab one of their chicken meals, which come with eight, 12, or 16 pieces.

Address:Ā 395 Heritage Drive SE, Calgary

Address: 1304 17th Avenue SW, Calgary

Address: 3575 20th Avenue NE, Calgary

Address: 3909 17th Avenue SE, Calgary

Address: #102 ā€“ 425 Aviation Road NE, Calgary

Address: #110 ā€“ 11680 Sarcee Trail NW, Calgary

Address: 2060 Symons Valley Parkway NW, Calgary


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