The Calgary Zoo is bringing back the Penguin Walk this week

Jan 11 2023, 5:47 pm

One of the most fun attractions at the Wilder Institute Calgary Zoo is back for another year as the Penguin Walk returns this week!

This is the 11th year for the must-see attraction. During the winter months, the king penguin colony heads out on zoo grounds for a daily enrichment walk to keep their brains and bodies healthy, and visitors get to experience the fun!

King Penguin Walk / Calgary Zoo

King Penguin Walk / Calgary Zoo

You’ll be able to see as many as 12 penguins in the walk, including Diana, Grace, Arthur, Solomon, Cleopatra, Josephine, Louis, Phillipe, Henri, Napoleon, George, Boudicca, and Rupert.

This highly anticipated program allows visitors to get an up-close look at the group of king penguins as they explore, exercise, and waddle their way through the zoo. This is a free-choice activity for the penguins, so the stars of the show are just as excited about it as we are!

It all goes down at 10:30 am every day starting January 13 at the outdoor Penguin Plunge. And the best part is it is no extra cost as it’s included with your daily admission or membership.

Make sure you get there early to get a spot on the designated route, as it is extremely popular. The walk usually goes for about 15 minutes each day.


Penguin Walk (Lee Boyle/Calgary Zoo/Facebook)

Now you should know this is all based on the weather. If the temperature warms up to or above +5ÂșC, drops to or below -25ÂșC, or if the winds are too excessive, the Penguin Walk will be cancelled for the safety of the penguins. Decisions on cancellation will be made daily, up to 10 am. Updates on any cancellations will be up on the zoo’s website and social media channels.

Sometimes the penguins may be indoors depending on the wind.

“Penguins can be susceptible to respiratory illnesses caused by airborne fungal spores that grow on decomposing plant material. Those spores are easily dispersed by wind. The wind parameters we have in place are there to ensure the safety and welfare of the penguins because it’s all about keeping the colony healthy!” the zoo explains.

There will also be coffee and snacks available at the Penguins Café right next to the Penguin Plunge.

So enjoy your morning coffee with a massive dopamine shot thanks to the adorable penguins at the Calgary Zoo!

King Penguin Walk / Calgary Zoo

King Penguin Walk / Calgary Zoo

Penguin Walk at the Wilder Institute Calgary Zoo

Where: Wilder Institute Calgary Zoo (1300 Zoo Road NE)
When: January 13, 2023, to mid-March (weather permitting)
Time: 10:30 am
Cost: Included with general admission and membership

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