Calgary might not see a white Christmas this year

Dec 14 2020, 5:30 pm

Snow and Calgary kind of go hand in hand.

For a city that has seen snow every season of the year, it’s kind of a given that we’ll have a decent few inches of the white stuff once December 25 rolls around for a classic white Christmas… but that may not be the case this year.

According to the Weather Network’s 14-day forecast, there is only expected to be about 2 cm of snowfall between now and the big day.

And while there is already some snow on the ground currently, we’re just not sure how long that will last as Calgary heads into some above freezing days.

The coming weeks sees a high of 3Ā°C on Wednesday, a high of 4Ā°C on Saturday, and a high of 3Ā°C on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are the two days that are expected to see around 1 cm on snow each, but Sunday’s forecast actually calls for “wet flurries,” which do not sound very promising.

The following week does manage to stay at freezing or below right up until Christmas Day (which comes in at a cool high of 0Ā°C), but whether or not that chill will be enough to keep the previous weekend’s snow covering around is anyone’s guess.

Still, even if Christmas 2020 is looking more brown than white this holiday season, the weather is looking absolutely stunning for some wintertime walks (with members of your own household, of course).

There will be nothing but mainly sunny or sunny skies from Monday all the way to Christmas Friday, so be sure to make the most of it… before winter actually arrives in full force!

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