Calgary weather this weekend is looking cold and clear

Nov 27 2020, 6:57 pm

There’s no better time to get outside for some wintertime activities than this weekend.

While the recently announced public health measures have banned indoor social gatherings, the outdoors is wide open (for physically-distanced gatherings of up to 10 people, that is).

Plus, with all the snow blanketing the city in white, the clear skies ahead make for the perfect opportunity to hit the sledding hills or cozy up next to an outdoor fire pit.

According to our weather forecast, this Friday is looking to be the warmest of all the days, if the grayest.

With a high of 8Ā°C and mostly cloudy skies, you may even be able to leave your jacket behind — so long as you’re back before the night when temperatures will drop down to -3Ā°C.

Saturday is the sunniest day of the whole weekend with clear skies, a high of 2Ā°C, and a low of -7Ā°C, making for the ideal time to take a trip outdoors.

Sunday follows up with a very cloudy high of 1Ā°C and a low of -8Ā°C, so mittens, scarves, and toques are very much recommended.

Given that thisĀ is Calgary, it’s only a matter of time before winter comes in full force with temperatures plummeting to the -10s and even -20s, so we would make the most of these (relatively) mild days while you still can!

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